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    Life's A Beautiful Joke

    In celebration of the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse, Anne Cozean and I have re-made this song with extended lyrics.


    Click here to play Life's A Beautiful Joke



    This is a project using some recently added plug-ins and software enhancements to my studio.

    click here to play Aluminated


    However, Whenever... Whatever

    This track is from 2007. It's the last use of my Roland SH-101 which died shortly after recording. I'd had the synthesizer since 1985. This remaster is a tribute to my old, synth friend.

    click here to play However, Whenever... Whatever


    untitled song

    This is a string part-writing sketch of a tune I started about 12 years ago. The middle section from about 1 1/2 minutes on is new composition. 

    Update 1: I'm adding woodwind parts as of October 14th. This updated mix includes bassoon, in place of the electric bass part and an oboe playing the lead. 

    Update 2: October 17th. I've added an English horn, clarinet and piano

    click here to play untitled song